National Taiwan University

School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy

Course Syllabus in Introduction to Sports Injuries/ 2008



Course number408 50200


Course Description:

Campus sports competition is popular, so do the sports injuries.  It impacts students’ learning when the injuries occurs, even discontinues learning. This course provides the students other than in the College of Medicine not only the knowledge of sports injuries, but also the emergency management and prevention through lectures and discussions. It aims to facilitate the proper concepts of sports for campus students. An additional web-based wiki technique for final report is also required.


Credit 3


Schedule: Thursday, 1:20pm-4:20pm, room 201, Public Health Building


Instructor: Huei-Ming Chai, PT, PhD

Office: Public Health Building, Room 309, National Taiwan University

Phone: 3322-8140

E-Mail: hmchai@


General Objectives of the Course:

After completing this course, the students would be able to

1.      describe common sports injuries and its emergent management

2.      identify human motions and their roles in rehabilitation

3.      explicit methods to prevent from sports injuries


Grading system: course and online forum participation 40%

final examination 60%



1.      Huei-ming ChaiSports Injuries Websites

2.      黃啟煌、王百川、林晉利、朱彥穎:運動傷害與急救。華格那 2003





Discussion Topics

97/ 02/ 14

Course Orientaiton; Common Sports Injuries

Differences between acute and chronic injuries

97/ 02/ 21

Basic ConceptsPrinciples of Management

Heat or cold?

97/ 02/ 28

Basketball Injuriesankle sprain

Prevention from ligament sprain

97/ 03/ 06

Basketball InjuriesACL rupture

Prevention from ligament sprain

97/ 03/ 13

Basic Conceptstaping

Selection of taping

97/ 03/ 20

Basic Conceptsinflammation and healing

Inflammatory process

97/ 03 / 27

Basketball injuriespatellar tendinitis

Prevention from tendinitis

97/ 04/ 03

Jogger’s Injuriesplantar fasciitis

Prevention from plantar fasciitis

97/ 04/ 10

Jogger’s Injuriesstress fracture

Prevention from stress fracture

97/ 04/ 17

Throwing Injuriesshoulder tendinitis

Prevention from throwing injuries

97/ 04/ 24

Throwing Injuriesback injuries

Back exercises

97/ 05/ 01

Basic Conceptslaxity

Joint stability exercise

97/ 05/ 08

Preventionselection of sports items

Screening tests prior to sports

97/ 05/ 15

Preventionselection of shoes and devices

Check out shoes

97/ 05/ 22

Preventionflexibility and warm up

Preparation back to sports

97/ 05/ 29

Preventionmuscle strength training

Preparation back to sports

97/ 06/ 05

Preventionproprioceptive training

Preparation back to sports

97/ 06/ 12

Final examination