National Taiwan University

School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy

Course Syllabus in Student Service Education (I) / 2009

Course Number: 408 00110

Course Name: Student Service Education (I)

Course Credit: 0

Instructors: Wei-Li Hsu, PT, PhD Assistant Professor

Phone: 886-2-33668127


Office: Room 326         

Year Level: Freshman and sophomore in the School of Physical Therapy


Course Description: The course is designed to encourage students expressing their care and responsibility for the general service affair in our institute or school. On the basis of mutual assistance through the usage of available time, we hope students can foster abilities in self-understanding, self-control, accountability, integrity, diligence and teamwork.



Student needs to devote at least 18 hours to below general affair service.

1.      To clean public space in our institute.

2.      To help the general affair of our institute.

3.      To attend the student service program arranged by Student Affairs Division.