National Taiwan University

School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy

Course Syllabus in Surgery

Course Number: 401 399B0

Course Name: Surgery  

Course Credit: 2

Schedule & Place: Every Fall Semester, Friday 15:30-17:20

Medical College, National Taiwan University, Seminar Room 104   





Week 1

S-H Hsu

Respiratory Failure Following Major Operation and/or Severe Injury

Week 2

W-J Ko

Shock and Multiple Organ Failure

Week 3

J-H Hu

Acute Abdomen

Week 3

K-Y Chen

Endocrine Surgery(Thyroid and Parathyroid)

Week 4

W-H Kao

The Breast

Week 4

H-S Lai

OPD Surgery in Pediatric Patients

Week 5

W-M Hsu

Head, Neck and Thoracic Surgery in Infants and Children

Week 6

Y-B Tang

Hand Surgery

Week 7

Y-C Yang


Week 8

M-C Ho

Electrolyte, Acid-Base and Fluid Therapy

Week 9

S-S Wang

Surgery for Acquired Heart Disease(I)

Week 9

J-B Hsu

Surgery for Acquired Heart Disease(II)

Week 10

Y-S Chou

Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease(I)

Week 10

C-Y Chang

Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease(II)

Week 11

J-S Chen

Preoperative Evaluation and Management of Pulmonary Function

Week 12

J-S Chen

Common Surgical Diseases of The Lung

Week 13

J-M Lee

Common Surgical Diseases of The Esophagus

Week 13

S-H Jen

Brain Tumors

Week 14

S-J Huang

Head Injury

Week 14

Y-C Lee

Management for traumatic patient

Week 15

Y-K Du

Surgery of Cerebrovascular Diseases

Week 15

H-M Jen

Intervertebral Disc Diseases and Spondylosis